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Service Provider Rebrands to Guide Advice Firms Through New Regime | Risk Info NZ

Hawke’s Bay-based service provider, Boutique Advisers Alliance, has rebranded to Finzo, an integrated financial solutions provider aiming to improve service delivery, efficiency and client outcomes for adviser businesses.

With the new regime for financial advice not too far away, Finzo claims it will introduce global best practices to New Zealand advice firms and help them build resilience and focus on their competitive advantages.

Finzo CEO, Nick Stewart, says the rebrand was designed to reinforce the company’s investment in areas that can overwhelm advice practices, which include:

  • Technology

  • Customer relationship management

  • Compliance

  • Cyber-security

  • Corporate governance

  • Regulation

The concept

“The concept behind the logo is that we provide our clients with a 360-degrees view of their businesses.”

“If we are going to deliver better outcomes to New Zealand investors, we need solutions that allow advisers to spend most of their time advising. That’s what we offer,” said Stewart.

The need for uniformly high standards in the NZ advice sector has been highlighted by the recent passage through parliament of the Financial Services Legislation Amendment Bill, which aims to improve access to high-quality financial advice for all New Zealanders.

He said the team behind Finzo are intending to build the foremost integrated financial solutions provider, to enable advisers, brokers, family offices and asset consultants to run their businesses better.

Stewart confirmed Finzo will seek a full licence as a Financial Advice Provider entity across multiple spheres of advice including KiwiSaver, insurance, pensions and wealth management, once the FMA has opened licensing.


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