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Finzo develops ‘360’ – an integrated solution

Finzo has taken advantage of the enforced COVID-19 lockdown period to further enhance its support service offering to financial advice firms.

The result is ‘360’ – A solution to help advice firms achieve greater profitability and enhanced client engagement.

The '360' solution is designed to deliver a fully integrated service that covers all angles of an advice firm’s engagement with their clients.

If you look at our brand logo, the letter ’O’ has an arrow connected to it. The concept behind the design is that we provide our clients with a 360-degree view of their advice business, combined with a forward-thinking approach.

Finzo’s innovation extends to the development of ‘360’ which fully integrates core advice support functions, including custodial platform and CRM system.

There’s been increased market competition, of late, in the custodial platform space. Whilst this has generated understandable interest from financial advice firms, we argue that a new platform does not intrinsically enhance the underlying client experience; i.e. a platform still performs the same basic function, albeit maybe with a better look and feel.

To achieve an enhanced client experience that can provide a complete view of their financial and personal world, and the associated opportunities that present the adviser, you need integration with other key tools; e.g. CRM and portfolio governance. Finzo’s ‘360’ delivers that integration – we don’t even talk about platform or CRM anymore – the sum of ‘360’ is greater than its parts.

Another ‘360’ strength is its ability to rapidly evolve and take advantage of technological enhancements.

With every technology roll-out or a new service feature, we always look for tangible benefits to our adviser clients, their underlying clients, and those new aspects are continuously incorporated into the ‘360’ service.

For example, our electronic verification and document creation and signing capability have proved highly beneficial to our adviser partners during the lockdown period. It has enabled them to continue preparing Scopes of Service and Statements of Advice for existing and new clients. What was a nice to have feature has suddenly become a must-have.”

  • Finzo is FSP (FSP522646) registered to provide bespoke wholesale and financial adviser support services to advisers, brokers, family offices and asset consultants.


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