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Finzo NZ Ltd: B Corp Certified!

Finzo is very pleased to announce we are now a certified B Corp.

Becoming a B Corp has provided us an opportunity to prove our commitment to governance, community, environment, and people.

The 10-month application process has yielded us a B Impact score of 105.4, which places us above the median score of B Corps in NZ (81.9). The minimum score for B Certification is 80. Finzo is the first FAP of our kind (providing support & services to other authorised bodies) to become a B Corp.

From Nick Stewart (CEO):

“We have always believed that we are building something bigger than ourselves, in that holistically servicing our clients is the righteous path. We strive for higher standards. By addressing positive change for our community, the local environment and our team and their families we believe we can create a better place to work and live.

The B Corp certification process is challenging, it takes some mahi, and makes you think, adapt and change for the better.

Pictured: Nick Stewart, CEO of Finzo NZ Limited
Finzo CEO, Nick Stewart

We have long aspired to join our fellow global peers in joining the B Corp ranks. The B Corp principles and ethos fit in well with

our company and family values and we look forward to an evolving journey.

We are honoured to join the B Corp movement.”

As with our CEFEX certification, Finzo welcomes the scrutiny of an independent, third-party assessor like B Lab to prove we are making continual improvements to our business practices. B Corp certification allows us to be part of a global community working to balance people and profit, by meeting high standards for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

We look forward to learning from the B Corp community and contributing to the growing pool of B Corp certified businesses in Aotearoa and abroad.

Finzo is B Corp certified under our holding company, Te Rehe Group (TRG). TRG is named after the Stewart family’s ancestor, a Ngāti Huirapa (Ngāi Tahu) rangatira from the time of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. TRG holds our business taonga, enabling us to honour our history as we work to continually improve our practice for future.


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