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Finzo hires in-house compliance officer

As rapid changes in New Zealand’s financial regulatory regime highlight the need for global best practice in compliance, technology and client service, integrated financial solutions provider Finzo has attracted a strong international candidate into a key role as compliance officer.

With 14 years’ experience in the financial services industry in Australia and the UK, Tracey Wolfe enters a new role that demonstrates Finzo’s ongoing commitment to increase the rigour of its compliance program and improve client operations.

“We see compliance oversight as a key pillar in the new financial adviser provider regime commencing in June 2020 and at Finzo, regulatory compliance is a priority. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards with compliance, technology and client service in the industry since our inception in 2014.” Finzo CEO Nick Stewart said.

“We welcome Tracey’s 14 years’ experience in the financial industry in Australia and the UK as we continue to work with regulators to help develop and cooperate with policies that serve and protect clients and businesses,” said Nick.

In her previous role with CFL Financial Planning in Australia, Tracey was a qualified paraplanner and had a varied role. She has also worked with a dealer group in Australia, investment banks Barclays Capital, Abbey National Treasure Services in the UK and specialist insurance services provider Lloyd's of London.

“Coming from a traditional dealer group environment in Australia, I see a huge opportunity for an integrated financial solution provider like Finzo to make a positive impact in the new regulatory environment. I’m excited to join Finzo’s team,” Tracey said.

Finzo is an integrated financial solutions provider that helps advisers, brokers, family offices and asset consultants build resilient practices and gain competitive advantage.


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