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Boutique Advisers Alliance announces re-brand | NZ Adviser

Financial solutions provider Boutique Advisers Alliance has re branded and launched as Finzo, and will focus on supporting advisers through the changing compliance regime.

Finzo CEO Nick Stewart says the rebrand will also reinforce the company’s investment into areas such as #technology, #CRM, #cybersecurity, #corporategovernance and #regulation, and will aim to give advisers the tools they need to improve their efficiency and demonstrate good customer outcomes.

Adviser groups have been upping their support of members since the approval of the Code of Conduct and the passing of the Financial Services Legislation Amendment Bill (#FSLAB). Stewart says the need for higher standards across the industry has been clearly communicated, and that Finzo will ‘embrace the changing landscape’ for all participants in the financial services sector.

“If we are going to deliver better outcomes to New Zealand investors, we need solutions that allow advisers to spend most of their time advising,” Stewart said. “That’s what we offer, and we are very excited to announce this re-brand.”

The name Finzo

“The name ‘Finzo’ represents the fresh and progressive company we are building for our clients,” he explained. “We want to become the foremost #integratedfinancialsolutions provider and enable advisers, brokers, family offices and asset consultants run their businesses better.”

Stewart says Finzo will seek a full Financial Advice Provider (FAP) entity license once the FMA starts accepting applications, which is expected to happen in Q4 of this year. The company will operate across various spheres of advice including #KiwiSaver, #insurance, #pensions and #wealthmanagement.

“We are leading the charge in aiding advice firms raise the bar, and we want to introduce global best practices to New Zealand advice firms,” Stewart said.

“We’ve also found that our clients exceed the original brief of the Boutique Advisers Alliance – we now have institutions and asset consultants that work with us too, so we have created a brand that is more centric to our client base going forward.”


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